Resolving Authentication Errors for User Sign-Up in Xano

The State Changers discussed a problem where the participant was facing difficulties with the authentication process when trying to sign up for registration in a test production environment using Xano. They implemented a state check at page load and used the state feed into the API connector per Xano.

The participant demonstrated their problem live, where they received an authentication error indicating an incorrect header name. On reviewing the request history on Xano, they found differing results - one successful signup and one forbidden. Through discussion and exploring the workflow, they identified that the problem was on Bubble's side. The assumption was that there might be a duplicated check in the authentication process. Upon further exploration in the 'user lookup' process, a redundancy was found. The 'user lookup' process was trying to prevent duplicate accounts, but the 'Signup' process might already have this built in. With advice from the other participant, 'user lookup' was removed from the workflow, fixing the signup problem. The participant also ran a duplicate account signup test, which worked correctly as the system prevented the duplicate sign up. In closing, the participant discussed making sure the 'user lookup' method is not used anywhere else, and possibly removing the API call for cleanliness. The discussion involved keywords such as "Xano", "Bubble", and "authentication".

(Source: Office Hours 11/4 )

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