Resolving Authentication Issues and Optimizing Performance in Website Development

The State Changers discussed an ongoing project involving a website to be launched after transferring it from a dummy site. They mainly worked on the implementation of authorization or 'OAuth', discussing how to obtain and handle authorization codes using the application Wiz, which they discovered was not triggering on page load as expected.

Through debugging, they found out this issue stemmed from a lack of trigger attribute, and Wiz's data in/out not working standalone without an action to trigger it. The team added a request to Xano as a workaround to bridge the detection gap. To visualize the workflow, they put in a temporary stub to respond once a confirmation of authentication from their user database was received. Towards the end of the discussion, they started working on creating an authentication token linked to each unique user. They noted the final steps would be to retrieve or create a new record based on the user validating through OAuth, creating an associated authentication token, and querying that to let the user proceed. Several tools were mentioned such as Xano, Wiz, and Cacao, which indicates that they are working on a web application, using Xano as their backend, Wiz for their frontend, and Cacao for user authentication.

(Source: Office Hours 1/25 )

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