Resolving Bubble and Xano Integration Issues in State Change Community

In this meeting, the State Changers group discussed primarily about the usage of Bubble and Xano. They acknowledged the usefulness of Xano over Bubble in their workflows. One member sought help for a problem he was encountering when trying to push an array from Bubble into Xano using an API connector.

The array, composed of a set of tags like 'NFL', 'NBA', 'MLB', was only returning one record instead of a list. They screen-shared and followed the process closely. It was identified that the issue was with the quotation marks in the data. These marks needed to be removed, and the JSON safe format had to be used to ensure that Bubble inserts the quotation marks in correct places around individual elements while pushing data. The corrected process was tested on spot and the data was successfully pushed into Xano in correct format. The group concluded their meeting agreeing to carry on similar sessions in future weeks. It might be beneficial for future users if they're dealing with array issues while using Bubble and Xano.

(Source: Office Hours 10/28 )

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