Resolving Bubble and Zano API Call Issues for Project

The State Changers meeting focused largely on troubleshooting and discussing issues related to using Xano and Bubble. The key problem raised was a difficulty in running a simple call from Xano as an action, which was working as data but not as an action. The source of confusion seemed to be around authorization and token authentication, as well as timing of when certain actions are fired. While the meeting didn't immediately resolve these issues, there was ongoing discussion and attention given to solving them, aiming to tackle these challenges collaboratively throughout the session. Another issue discussed was about creating pauses in JavaScript which was deferred to other state changer. Meeting also included approach about handle error occurrences. These details might be useful to those looking for problem-solving strategies and practical troubleshooting tips when using Xano, Bubble and JavaScript.

(Source: Office Hours 7/26/23 )

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