Resolving Client Expectations and Implementing Cheaper Solutions for Progress Tracking Tools in Education Sector

The State Changers discussed expanding the functionality of an existing educational progress tracking system for a client. The client's requests have broadened beyond the original scope, with features like charts, comparison capabilities, customizability of report history, and extensive data tracking over time. The challenge lies in managing these requests without straying too far from the current data structure, and keeping development time, hence costs, at a minimum. The dialogue gravitated around strategizing ways to better understand the client's requirements and delivering optimal value in the shortest time.

The State Changers also pondered over ways to advise the client about honing their feature requests to optimize decision-making power for end-users (parents). Here, insights about features provided by successful similar platforms worldwide were seen as beneficial in guiding the client around defining features that truly add value. Throughout the discussion, tools or concepts like Xano, ClickUp, and no-code were prominently mentioned. Overall, this meeting would be valuable to anyone seeking insights on adapting to scope creep, client management, and best practices in project delivery timelines in a software development project—especially in a no-code context.

(Source: Office Hours 9/5/2023 )

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