Resolving Cloudflare and WeWeb Code Integration Issues

This meeting involved State Changers discussing issues related to the tools they're using, including WeWeb. A persistent problem encountered was with Cloudflare's script not loading the required container a second after loading. They hypothesized this might be related to the script loading too early and thus not finding the container immediately.

One participant had included the code on the login and signup pages but learned from the others during the discussion about WeWeb's behavior with multiple pages and headers due to how it compiles pages into one runtime. This led to a proposition to centralize the code in the project head, helping avoid potential conflicts. Despite the challenges, participants appeared motivated, leaning towards a diagnostic approach. Their plan involved understanding the causes of the problem, exploring solutions like disaster recovery, and finally improving processes to prevent any future recurrence of the problem. The tools that came up during the discussion were Cloudflare and WeWeb. It's a valuable meeting to watch if dealing with Cloudflare script timing issues, understanding the WeWeb platform's behavior with code across multiple pages, or how to take a structured approach in problem-solving.

(Source: Office Hours 7/21/2023 )

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