Resolving Code Execution Sequence for Webflow's Login Screen and Geolocation Permissions

The State Changers engaged in a deep discussion regarding issues related to login operations in Webflow and their subsequent impact on data storing in session storage. They explored the difference between single-page applications (SPA) and distinct web pages. SPAs, such as WeWeb, sometimes provide a smoother user experience because they basically operate in one piece of code, enabling better retention of variables and values between navigations.

The discussion primarily revolved around a specific problem - running two operations simultaneously when the login button is clicked - the authentication process and fetching geographical credentials. The speed at which login happens does not usually allow the latter operation to complete, thus necessitating sequencing - running operations one after the other. They considered switching to a SPA to address this problem but deemed that a bigger operation than required and concluded that improved JavaScript sequencing would be a more effective solution. The plan was to adjust the functionality of the login button such that it initiates the geolocation operation, which in turn triggers the authentication process once completed.

(Source: Office Hours 2/27 )

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