Resolving Coding Challenges and Streamlining Property Data Import via WeWeb and API Calls

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed the implementation of a function to import a CSV file into a database for a real estate project. The CSV file contained data from the House Canary website related to the property comparative analysis (comps). The challenge was to associate the imported data to a specific 'Epic ID'.

The team explored the fact that the filename of the CSV file is the property address, which isn't stored in the database. They discussed if it would be possible to pass the Epic ID from the front end (WeWeb) along with the file upload. There was also an issue discussed regarding the function being a GET API call, which would not work, as the file upload should be a POST request. The team corrected this and cloned the API to make the necessary adjustments for the POST request. The final part of the meeting involved adding an input field for the Epic ID in their database/table and adjusting the system to the new API POST function. They acknowledged that the adjustments made during the meeting would help to reduce manual labor significantly once completed. They also noted that there was still work to be done to ensure total synchronization between their system and WeWeb, specifically with file references. Keywords mentioned: WeWeb, API, front end, database, Epic ID.

(Source: Office Hours 9/29 PM )

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