Resolving Coordinate Parsing Issue in Flutterflow for Mobile App Development

During the meeting, the State Changers were troubleshooting a mobile app being built using FlutterFlow. The group was dealing with issues related to embedded WebView, dynamic parameter passing, geolocation data storage, and transferring user tokens.

The root of the problem seemed to be FlutterFlow's preview feature causing discrepancies. It was suggested that testing on the mobile device itself could provide better results. The following issue was that geographical coordinates pulled from FlutterFlow were being saved in Firebase as North and West instead of in positive and negative format. To describe FlutterFlow, one participant compared it to AppGyver, explaining that both are tools for cross-platform mobile app development with a low/no-code approach. FlutterFlow is built on Flutter, while AppGyver and Draftbit utilize React Native. The group also grappled with representing geolocation data as either a parameter (passed to either Xano or through an API) or local storage, given that the app is in a mobile WebView context. The current setup saved the geolocation data at login. They then attempted to parse the lat-long object to extract basic location data from it in order to pass it through a URL. The team pondered over whether to extract the geolocation data directly from Firebase but concluded that it would introduce unnecessary complications and points of unreliability. The team decided to explore building a custom function using Dart to solve the geolocation data parsing issue, with the intention to continue investigating this solution in their next meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 4/10 )

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