Resolving Custom Function Calls and API Communication Issues in Xano and Bubble Applications

The State Changers are discussing issues encountered with their background task in Xano, suspecting Bubble as the source of the problem. They focused on an API customer communication function feature which fails intermittently, possibly due to the API's response limits or reliability issues with Bubble. The recommended solution was wrapping the API request in a FOR loop with error handling, allowing the system to retry failed requests and incorporate delays to avoid exceeding API limitations. They also suggested logging all responses for better analysis of issues. The nature of Xano's API was clarified, emphasizing that it will always provide a status response regardless of the client's data returnings. Finally, a link to a YouTube video was shared that provides direction on creating an event log for better diagnostics of the system's tasks.

(Source: Xano Office Hours with Ray Deck 9/19/2023 )

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