Resolving Data Binding and Workflow Issues on Back and Front End Development

The State Changers held a detailed technical meeting related to the development, debugging, and optimization of their application. The problem arised from the application not reloading the table data without a manual refresh. The methodology used by the team to debug was systematic debugging through the exploration of possible solutions.

Throughout the discussion, the team shuffles codes, explores workflows and variable values, and uses plugins to trigger an automatic update in the table upon a match or user action (without the need for refresh). This conversation also covered whether to add variable actions directly in the button workflow or to centralize these actions in a separate workflow. In addition to finding a workaround solution for auto-refresh, the meeting navigated into other topics such as where to put filters (front-end vs back-end) for efficiency and performance, with the consensus leaning towards executing it on the back-end for several reasons including less complexity and better tools for data wrangling. The main technologies mentioned in this meeting include: variable values, data binding, arrays, workflows, plugins and filters. Despite the detailed discussions, no specific tools from the given list (Xano, WeWeb, FlutterFlow etc.) were explicitly named in the content. In conclusion, this meeting provides insights into problem-solving, application debugging and optimization, a broader understanding of interactive application development, and the interplay between front and back-end programming. It would be beneficial for developers interested in refining their debugging skills and gaining a deeper understanding of front-end and back-end dynamics.

(Source: Office Hours 9/4/2023 )

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