Resolving Data Loading and Display Issues in Wiz-Xano Dashboard Integration

The State Changers addressed a loading issue they were experiencing with a chart they were using in their project. The chart, embedded in Wiz and receiving data from Xano, was encountering an onload issue, affecting not only the chart.js but also some information related to that. Despite the data being present, the chart only rendered its base structure, not displaying any data.

The team resorted to examining the JavaScript codes around the loading of the page. During examination, they found out that texts within an element with an attribute of Wiz and a value of chart date 1 were being put into a variable called var date 1. Furthermore, other variables were set accordingly. However, a timing problem surfaced. The JavaScript fired when the page loaded but not when it received data from Xano. To temporarily tackle this onset, they set an Arrow function to delay for two seconds before trying to load the chart. This workaround managed to display the data on the chart, confirming the timing issue. The team concluded the session by mentioning they would refer to Wiz documentation to implement an appropriate onload event handling method.

(Source: Office Hours 12/9 )

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