Resolving Date and Time Zone Issues in Bubble JavaScript Integration

The meeting involved State Changers discussing issues surrounding the development of a scheduling feature. The problem centered around timezones and the representation of dates in their application, developed on Xano. The State Changers noticed an issue where dates were shifting improperly when changing timezones, causing issues in the booking sessions section. A date would incorrectly reflect the next day's date when a timezone was changed to a previous day.

The discussion touches upon the complexities of accurately working with timezones in software development. It was recognized that the issue might be arising due to how datetime data is handled in JavaScript and other languages. Certain languages determine datetime data based on the Universal Time Coordinated (UTC), which can lead to inconsistencies when showing dates for different timezones. One proposed solution was to separate the concerns of the date and the time, allowing the date representation to be timezone insensitive while the time representation could be timezone sensitive. It was also suggested to represent datetime as a date instead of an epoch timestamp which is known number of milliseconds since January 1, 1970 and other alternatives. However, further analysis and troubleshooting were needed to pinpoint the exact issue and to come up with a definite solution. The State Changer recommended posting this issue on a forum for further examination. The meeting ended with plans to revisit the topic in upcoming office hours. Keywords mentioned: Xano, JavaScript, timezone, UTC, bubble.

(Source: Office Hours 8/21/23 )

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