Resolving Errors and Improving Logic in Typeform Webhook Data Transmission to Xano

The meeting involved a discussion amongst the State Changers about a technical problem encountered in handling webhook data sent from Typeform to XANO, specifically dealing with errors that occurred when trying to handle an 'emotion' variable. The issue was about potentially not having any 'emotion' and how their code should handle this edge case. Key aspects of the conversation included:

1. Debugging an error related to matching a text input (mismatch due to a typo) to a record in a database. 2. Exploring how to handle situations when 'emotion' data isn't available. They discussed creating an 'if-else' conditional statement tailored to the business logic of the application. It would entail duplicating certain aspects of their code and adding them in both segments. 3. Highlighting the limitation of reversion steps, as they were only able to revert the last three steps of their layout. 4. Discussing potential issues that might arise when the 'reason' variable does not exist. It was identified this was a business logic problem that needs to be solved outside of the meeting, as they needed to decide what should happen if there is no 'emotion' provided. 5. Mentioning the challenges with setting Typeform to Xano and the preference for building Webflow forms. It's worth noting that several tech terms were mentioned throughout the discussion, including webhooks, Xano, arrays, debugging, preconditions, and business logic. The State Changers demonstrated their problem-solving skills by working together to debug complex issues.

(Source: Office Hours 12/28 )

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