Resolving FlutterFlow API and CLI Errors in Application Development

The State Changers had a detailed discussion on troubleshooting and setting up "FlutterFlow". A participant faced issues while running some commands and adding the API token due to a misplacement of quotation marks. Another problem was with the extended command mode that was accidentally activated probably by pressing shift+enter. The solution to quit this mode was to press control+c. Furthermore, the correct sequence for strings on the terminal and folder names were discussed to ensure the proper export path. Using "cd" to navigate into the appropriate directory (in this case, the home directory) was highlighted. Participants also discussed testing devices and ensuring that "FlutterFlow" is installed correctly. Importantly, to export code in FlutterFlow, both an API token and the project ID are essential. The meeting highlighted the use of specific commands - such as Flutterflow space export code and PWD (print working directory) - for better utilization of FlutterFlow.

(Source: Office Hours 6/5 )

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