Resolving Font Awesome Icon Issue with WeWeb Utilising Dev Tools and Phosphor

The State Changers meeting discussed the process of replacing Font Awesome icons with Phosphor ones in their project. One participant attempted to use JavaScript for a workflow by consulting an AI named ChatGPT, but encountered a problem when the codes introduced caused WeWeb to crash.

After discussing the issue, the team demonstrated a method of accomplishing the task using dev tools. It was a more efficient approach as it allowed them to prototype the JavaScript lines desired to be placed into the workflow, thereby augmenting specific components. To do this, they used a two-prong method of first preparing the elements for the new Phosphor icons by initializing them and then conducting a second pass to specify how replacements were to occur. The team also discussed that changes in style sheet classes caused by the font swap wouldn't affect the functioning of the program unless there was specific CSS or JavaScript code looking for those classes. Thus, they concluded that there was no harm in adding extra classes. If there was trouble, they could be removed by adding and then removing the class. The transcript mentions the following keywords: WeWeb, JavaScript, and OpenAI.

(Source: Office Hours 7/27/23 )

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