Resolving Function Stack Challenges and NAICS Code Navigation in Xano

In the State Changers meeting, the main discussion was around creating and managing a complex function stack in Xano, specifically dealing with NAICS code or text inputs for a business model. One participant, referred to as David, shared his struggle with designing a function stack that could execute different procedures based on the type of input it receives, whether it's text or NAICS codes, and his challenges in maintaining a clean, readable code base despite the growing complexity of the function stack.

Advice from another participant, possibly named Ray, was to first create a reliable identification system to differentiate between NAICS code and text inputs and then factor out these two different procedures into two separate functions. This would reduce the complication in the current function stack and increase the maintainability and testability of the functions. However, the challenge for David was getting his code into Xano functions, a task which was further simplified through the feature of clone and convert in Xano. The conversation appears to be an in-depth technical discussion about managing complex functions in Xano using business logic, function stacks, regular expressions for code segregation, and other techniques. The meeting offers detailed insights and solutions for tackling complex function stacks in Xano and can be highly useful for developers facing similar challenges.

(Source: Office Hours 5/8 )

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