Resolving Issues with Xano Database Branching, API and Data Import Function

The State Changers discussed a significant issue related to data transfer between their production and test environments in Xano, particularly concerning ID assignment during data import. When importing data, the current format doesn't guarantee preservation of original ID schemes, as the IDs are assigned arbitrarily by Xano. This results in complications when referencing or identifying specific data entries across different versions or databases. A potential solution pointed out was to slow down the bulk insert process, marking each entry individually during import to ensure correct ID assignment.

However, this measure was considered tedious and might require additional coding for each table. An alternative proposed was exporting CSV data from the live database and importing it into the test, but the same ID inconsistency issue was expected. A temporary measure could be manual data transfer. They also discussed a potential solution related to hacking Xano's internal functionality, but no definitive answer was found. Additionally, they raised a question about importing image data via CSV and pointed out a need for proper audit logs to keep track of records about who ran specific functions. A proposed solution for the audit logs was to create a new database called "logs" and run an add record function each time a feature is utilized. The key topics discussed during this meeting were Xano database management, data import/export procedures, handling of noncontiguous IDs, image data import, and the implementation of audit logs. Issues arising with these integral parts of their system could impact their product’s performance. These areas may need immediate attention or solutions.

(Source: Office Hours 12/12 )

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