Resolving JavaScript Load Sequencing Problems and Initial Steps in Text Analysis with Xano

In this meeting, the State Changers troubleshoot a specific issue where the HTML loaded before the JavaScript did, causing 'capture' function errors. They went through the process of rewriting certain portions of the code using jQuery. The conversation also tackled a caching problem on the page's preview and the implementation of key press and focus events.

They also discussed measures for enhancing a database filled with codes and descriptions by creating an array of keywords. The goal was to generate clickable items for search queries, easing the user experience, particularly on smaller screens. The meeting explores the application of Xano for this task, including extracting and splitting data from text fields, concatenating them, filtering, and sorting to build a list of words. This process is referred to as 'prompt engineering.' They identified next steps for refining the system, which would involve text cleanup and data analysis to determine word frequency and commonality. Keywords mentioned were Xano, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, function attribute, and machine learning. The overall conversation provides valuable insights into problem-solving in web development and the utilization of Xano for database manipulation and enhancement.

(Source: Office Hours 11/21 )

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