Resolving Map Visualization Issues and Exploring Webhook Errors in Xano and Stripe Platforms

This meeting involving the State Changers discussed several aspects of a ticketing system being developed. The conversation revolved around the integration issues with Xano and viewing a 2D/3D map representation of the venue on the ticket page. The issue was the map not displaying correctly or not displaying at all in certain instances.

They also covered the implementation of "container IDs" to differentiate between 2D and 3D maps, but there seemed to be timing issues or data problems causing display inconsistencies. The participants suspect that this issue might arise due to the complexity of the software, and the solution is unlikely to deduct solely through logical reasoning. A solution was suggested to move the JavaScript from the HTML element to a 'run JavaScript action' whenever it is required, particularly during a pop-up or even on page load. Another point was to ensure that the JavaScript code is stored and managed in an appropriate repository such as "Codejar" for better tracking and modification, as Bubble is not a suitable place for JavaScript edits due to its narrow scope. Another issue discussed was related to Stripe webhooks. A webhook had returned an NGINX error, suggesting that Xano might have been down during that time. The participant was advised to make sure they are not completely reliant on Xano and should consider notifying Xano whenever they face such issues.

(Source: Office Hours 8/19 )

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