Resolving OAuth Integration and Token Authorization Errors for Twitter Company Account

This meeting was between State Changers who were troubleshooting issues regarding authentication using OAuth on Twitter. The problem was the use of a wrong token; a personal instead of company token. The issue was fixed partly but then arose issues around authorizing the application. The State Changers had to manually authorize the app because the process required human approval, which they were initially attempting to do with "Xano". Afterwards, they planned to return to using Xano once the token was issued. They discussed the OAuth flow, including capturing an authorization token from the URL and then using Xano to redeem it for an access token. However, they were under the restriction of time as the authorization token would expire after a short while. They were planning to proceed with making a post request from Xano which contains the client ID, secret, and the code statement, in order to receive a payload of a refresh token and access. The team communicated effectively and were able to solve the issues they encountered. And, they planned further troubleshooting in the future.

(Source: Office Hours 1/5 )

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