Resolving OpenSSL Version and Conversion Issues for Better Compatibility with Flutterfly

In this meeting, State Changers discussed a problem faced while attempting to convert an RSA key originally stored as a JKS, a Java standard way of storing private keys, into a PEM format for ease of use with the JavaScript-based Flutterfly. The participant struggled with an error message linked to the version of OpenSSL used, which seemed outdated.

The discussants explored the version of OpenSSL installed on the participant's system, finding it notably old. OpenSSL, a widely used cryptography library, was pivotal, as the error message indicated its version was incompatible with the required operations. The participant tried to review the version on both their Windows and Mac systems, and the latter revealed a newer version, LibreSSL. The state changers suggested moving the keys to the participant's Mac and running the same operations using the newer version of OpenSSL, LibreSSL. If successful within the hour, the group suggested further review in the meeting. If not, they recommended pursuing the issue over the forum. The meeting concluded without a definitive resolution but set action steps to circumnavigate the problem involving the RSA key conversion required for Flutterfly.

(Source: Office Hours 9/15/2023 )

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