Resolving Password Reset Issues through Xano and WeWeb Integration

In the meeting with the State Changers, the primary focus revolved around tackling issues with UID display in WeWeb and triggering password reset emails. The potential issue of synchronization between WeWeb and the backend, Xano, was mentioned frequently, and there was an extended discussion about using magic links for authentication and password reset flows. State Changers guided on how to create an API endpoint in Xano specifically for resetting the password.

Tools and platforms mentioned - WeWeb: Website builder where the GUI issues arise - Xano: Backend service platform where the password reset flow was being constructed. - Postmark: Preferred over SendGrid for sending reset emails. Steps suggested 1. Create an API endpoint that will get triggered when the reset button is pressed. 2. Generate a password reset link, which leads to a password reset page on the WeWeb app. 3. The link should have a private key as an argument (key=something), which is ideally part of the user table in Xano. 4. When the user lands on the reset page, the new password and a confirmed password are taken as inputs along with the key from the URL. 5. These data are transmitted to a Xano endpoint where the passwords are verified for matching and strength, and the user is identified with the key. 6. The user's password is updated in Xano, and the key is deleted to ensure single-use. 7. The user is then redirected to the login page where they log in with the newly set password. This transcript offers insights for those interested in synchronizing WeWeb with Xano, using magic links in the authentication and password reset processes, and how to handle user password reset flows in applications.

(Source: Office Hours 1/25 )

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