Resolving Query Endpoint Issues and Updates in Xano and Adalo Applications

The meeting focused on troubleshooting a technical issue faced by the State Changers. The issue arose when running a query in Xano, a key term in the discussion. The problem centered around an inconsistency in results - they received multiple results when running in debug, but only one result from a request history.

The cause of the issue was identified as an incorrect user's ID input. The proposed solution was to fix the issue in Xano versus Adalo because amending issues in the function stack is considered more cost-efficient than front-end changes. Critical terms involved in the meeting included Xano, Adalo, front-end, debug, query, and function stack. Future audiences who are interested in understanding Xano's troubleshooting or technical resolutions could find this meeting useful.

(Source: Office Hours 8/9/2023 )

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