Resolving Upload Care Setup and Integration Queries on WeWeb

In the State Changers meeting, the main discussion focused on understanding how to setup 'Upload Care' in WeWeb, similar to how it was set before in Bubble. The participant, Adam, had queries about setting up a button and triggering a pop-up using Upload Care. The solution recommended involved using the file uploader and the Upload Care context provider in WeWeb. Some related documentation was shared with Adam to help set up the uploader.

However, it was mentioned that the native plugin for this is not available yet. To connect an Upload Care component, Alexis from the WeWeave team offered some guidance. Adam was advised to install an HTML plugin which is required for their case. It was also suggested to use a tool made by WeWeave to convert script tags to be used in the editor, which could help make things work. Regarding Adam's query about selected values and arrays, the team agreed to revisit the topic. Finally, it was concluded that though the setup could be a bit messy initially, progress would be made over time, concentrating on how to tackle issues about the setup. The process of setting up 'Upload Care' in WeWeb was the primary focus of this meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 7/10 )

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