Resolving User-Community Linkage Challenges: Utilization and Overview of Add-Ons

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed the implementation of a feature where they tried to find a list of users in the community from the user's table. The discussion primarily revolved around issues with table references and database models. A user named Yami needed help with this.

One participant suggested using an "add on" as a solution to Yami's problem to pull out the essential variables needed. The 'add on' was implemented by following these steps: they went into the model, created a new add-on, named it 'Single Community', saved it, and then ran it. This resulted in a list of communities tied to the user. Following the successful add-on creation, the conversation moved onto refining the database functions. They focused on defining the correct input model and variable values. By altering the function and correcting the model, they ultimately managed to pull the communities tied to a particular user. Additionally, there was discussion about the importance of add-ons and the benefits of extracting data via dot syntax, alluding to some issues experienced in previous meetings. This indicated that the State Changers work in an iterative process, refining their work based on past experiences.

(Source: Office Hours 7/18 )

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