Resolving Xano API Issues

In this meeting, the participants are discussing an issue related to a favorite feature in a software program. They try to troubleshoot the issue and identify potential solutions. The meeting starts with a check-in and the understanding that the participant has a limited time for the meeting. The discussion centers around an error message that prevents the desired action from being completed. They analyze the toggle action and suggest trying a transformation function. However, they are not able to find the appropriate function. They also discuss the possibility that the issue may be related to synchronization between different platforms. They look into an API request and find that the endpoint name has been changed, causing a discrepancy between Adalo and Xano platforms. They resolve to synchronize the platforms and update the endpoint name. They test the action again and find that the error message is no longer present. They suggest further investigation into any other potential issues or errors in the software. The meeting ends with appreciation for the assistance provided and plans for follow-up discussions in the future.

(Source: Office Hours 6/2 )

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