Resolving Xano Endpoint Setup for Custom Field Updates with ClickUp

The State Changers in this meeting discussed utilizing various technical tools such as Zano, WeWeb, Firebase, and Supabase. A significant portion of the discussion revolved around using these tools for data manipulation, handling, and routing. Additionally, the meeting also featured a problem-solving session for a specific issue related to setting up an endpoint with Zano.

One meeting participant questioned Zano's viability for building enterprise applications, noting its limitations despite its strengths in data management and scalability. The response acknowledged Zano as a growing company making strides in the no-code sector, but conceded that it has limitations due to its relatively young presence in the market. The conversation then touched on Supabase and Firebase's aptitude for more engineering-intensive projects due to their approach of granting more control to the user over the backend while Zano's strength lies in non-coding operations. The importance of selecting a backend that enables users to operate efficiently without obstructions was emphasized. The meeting also discussed the use of AI features, indicating that these are best implemented by specialist services separate from the backend such as OpenAI and Deepgram. One participant contemplated replacing Webflow with WeWeb for front-end development and using Xano for data routing. The participants went on to troubleshoot a problem involving an Xano endpoint setup. Various strategies were suggested to address it, including inspecting the issue for replacement requirements.

(Source: Office Hours 8/17/2023 AM )

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