Rethinking Simulation Structures: Reflecting on Loops, Schedules and State Changes

The central topic of the meeting revolved around logically dissecting a complex problem involving programming loops and schedules. The primary issue concerned the best way of organizing units of work, with reference to "while" and "for each" loops in the current code. State Changer Camir expressed intent to create micro-functions to simplify the code.

The meeting emphasized the importance of atomicity in units of work, akin to "Farmer Bob in his field on a specific date" metaphor. There was a considerable focus on the concept of "State Change", reflecting the evolving state of the company, which was to be an input to other functions. A critical point raised was to consider time as the initiation for while loops, moving towards making a master function that handles iterations of time instead of iterating through individual schedules, thereby mirroring a simulator structure. Towards the end, mention was made of scheduled discussions about "Flutterflow" in conjunction with "Xano", particularly focusing on authentication solutions. The meeting concluded with a commitment to further tackling and refining the problems discussed therein.

(Source: Office Hours 8/9/2023 )

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