Review and Troubleshooting of Property Qualification Automation System

This meeting involved a technical discussion among "State Changers" about an application model for property analysis. The meeting focused primarily on debugging issues using Zano and WeWeb, discussing data input parameters of some kind, and the fact that the program was not reacting as expected.

The team debugged multiple functions, identifying that "text" status was causing a problem in the program. Zano updates and the parameters of the "buy box test" function were both subjects of extensive conversation. The team also covered concepts such as qualifying tests for properties, state changes, and different possible paths for property statuses, including the idea of properties being disqualified, listed, or being converted to pre-underwriting. One participant expressed the importance of taking command of the shape and understanding the data of the properties. The team also anticipated having a session to go into details of the buy box test, and as a future objective, they noted the necessity to create mathematical scoring of comparisons for the properties. Unfortunately, the transcript does not include references to any of the listed keywords, indicating that they are likely not integral to understanding the discussion or problem at hand.

(Source: Office Hours 9/21 )

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