Script Development and Optimization for Background Tasks with Xano

The State Changers discussed about the functionality and utilization of background tasks in Xano. Information about building tasks, their components (the function stack and timing), and limitations was shared. Strategies for optimizing task execution regarding frequency and scheduling were also discussed. It was mentioned that tasks run sequentially to prevent overlapping and possible race conditions. The participants also discussed how to iterate over multiple URLs to download data using Xano's functions. There was an issue observed during the meeting where Xano would crash when trying to open big files. The suggestion was to report this to Xano's team for resolution. Usage of a JSON field in tables approach was suggested for further data management. No other tech tools or platforms like WeWeb, FlutterFlow, Zapier, Integromat, Outseta, Retool, Bubble, Adalo, AppGyver, AppSheet, Comnoco, Fastgen, Firebase, Google, OAuth, Stripe, Twilio, Airtable, DraftBit, Javascript, Typescript, React, Vue.js, JSX, HTML, CSS, lambda, serverless, State Change, ScriptTag, OpenAI, AI21 were discussed.

(Source: Office Hours 1/26 )

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