Secure PDF Hosting with Xano and Custom Endpoints

During the meeting, the State Changers discussed the need for a way to securely host and share PDF files. One idea was to use a method similar to DocSend, where the PDF is loaded as a blob within the site using JavaScript, preventing users from accessing the URL directly. Another suggestion was to store the file in Xano and create an authenticated endpoint or one that requires a specific ticket to access. The file data can then be retrieved using the "get data from file" resource and returned as a custom header, ensuring that only authorized users can access the file. They also discussed the importance of setting the proper content type in the header, depending on the file type. It was emphasized that this method may not be suitable for distributing files to a large number of people, but it provides secure retrieval for authorized users. The State Changers encouraged the individual they were assisting to reach out for further help and mentioned that the meeting was being recorded.

(Source: Office Hours 3/16 )

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