Sequencing Workflows and Handling Responses in Weweb


In this meeting, the State Changers: Business discuss a technical challenge they are facing with integrating Weweb, Xano, and Cloudflare in their workflow. They are experiencing an issue where the variable passed from Weweb to Xano is sometimes empty, causing errors. To address this issue, they decide to separate the workflow into two steps. The first step is to allow Cloudflare to complete its task before moving on to the next step. They introduce a new tool called "execute workflow" in Weweb, which allows them to trigger a workflow directly from JavaScript. They create a new workflow in Weweb called "CF Xano callback" to handle the interaction with Xano. After Cloudflare completes its task, the script updates the variable and executes the workflow in Weweb. They do not need to pass the response back to JavaScript, as they can handle it within Weweb using the updated variable. They also add an error handling step in the workflow to notify Weweb if all retries fail. The participants agree to test the updated code by publishing it and checking for any errors. They also discuss other unrelated matters before ending the meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 6/14/23 )

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