Setting Up and Verifying Google OAuth to Access Contacts via Zano Platform

The State Changers had a detailed meeting about setting up Google OAuth within Zano, a notable software. One participant sought advice on enabling Google contacts within his developer console in Google, suspecting it may streamline the Zano authentication procedure. The experts advised him to set the right scopes during the authentication process, which would grant designated permissions to the application.

The other State Changer provided instructions on locating and defining necessary scopes on the Google developer console. They also went through the process of setting up the OAuth consent screen and enabling specific APIs and services. The group discussed using URLs from Google as the scopes to decide what permissions the application would request during the login process in Zano. There was significant time spent guiding through potential issues such as the app not being verified by Google, receiving a redirect URI mismatch, and completing the OAuth consent screen. The team showed how to navigate the Google developer console, manage environment variables, and troubleshoot error messages. The meeting extensively covered how Google OAuth works within the Zano software, providing valuable insights for any users looking to replicate this process. Ultimately, the State Changers demonstrated the integration of Google OAuth with Zano, albeit with a few setbacks that provided teachable moments.

(Source: Office Hours 9/1/2023 )

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