Setting Up Push Notifications in Task Webflow for All Users

In this meeting, the individual is working on their FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) push notification system. They have set up a notification queue and tested it successfully. The main question is how to set up the task Webflow. They discuss whether to create another loop or task for broadcasting push notifications to all users, or to handle everything within the current task Webflow. The suggestion is to set up a channel for sending the same push notification to multiple users, as it creates operational efficiency. They mention urban airship and other push notification management systems that work similarly. The developer also considers waiting for the response or taking a fire and forget approach to increase speed. As the user base grows, they may need to optimize the sending process through parallelization. They discuss the analogy of mailing envelopes one by one versus dumping them all in the post office. Overall, progress is being made with the help of the group.

(Source: Office Hours 4/12 )

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