Solving Complex UI Challenges within WebFlow through Splide and JavaScript

The State Changers discussed the difficulties encountered while trying to integrate Splide (a slider and carousel solution) with Webflow and JavaScript in the context of a dynamic content project. The main topics addressed were:

1. Encounter with different versions of Splide, where version four presented changes that disrupted progress. 2. A revelation that the size of unordered lists in Webflow was causing display issues was highlighted and a solution was suggested (adjusting class styling in Webflow). 3. Issues with implementing dynamic code in Webflow, due to data's late arrival and the static nature of HTML. 4. A built-in delay function (time out function) was suggested as a work-around for delaying Splide until all the Xano data was loaded. 5. Difficulties in using Webflow's CSS for styling and the necessity of having to hardcode elements to style them. 6. Techniques for dynamically generating content were discussed, including the use of clone templates and iterating through objects to apply upload care IDs. 7. The complexity of finding and manipulating hidden classes within Webflow was discussed, with the issue of undeletable classes being highlighted. The discussion was in-depth, highlighting the complexities of integrating multiple platforms and managing dynamic data. Tools named included Splide, Webflow, JavaScript, and Xano.

(Source: Office Hours 12/23 )

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