Solving Display & Data Synchronization in WeWeb Application


In this meeting, State Changers delve into a discussion over a problem with synchronization of the input value in WeWeb when trying to send the data to Xano. During the meeting, an undertone of the discussion is around the weeds of JavaScript, exploring how the user input value, specifically date input, does not update or reflect the entered value. The State Changers pinpoint the nuances related to the state of variables developed in system operation. Valuable in-depth troubleshooting is made around system architecture and how each action is interlinked. The meeting involves analysis of actions like 'on change' command in WeWeb, data integrity concerning the system's display versus the underlying data, and includes an inspection of the system architecture using dev tools to assess the element hierarchy. State Changers suggest a solution with JavaScript utilizing a method called query selector - a way to accurately target specific elements on the DOM tree to update their state or value directly- to ensure the system's appearance correlates with the underlying data. To implement the solution, they propose hacking the WeWeb system to find the specific date input element and setting its inner HTML manually to match the underlying data. This meeting would be useful for developers working with WeWeb, Xano, and JavaScript. It would provide them insights into troubleshooting processes, nuanced understanding of data integrity, understanding how elements interact in a hierarchy, and possibly, a workable solution using JavaScript.

(Source: Office Hours 8/4/2023 )

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