Solving Firebase Dynamic Link Issues for Password Reset Function in Xano

This meeting focused on fixing a problem related to Firebase, dynamic links, and the resetting of users' passwords in an app. State Changers Daniel and Nathan, with the help of another participant named Ray, discussed how to fix an issue where the OOB (Out-Of-Band) code was being left empty in Firebase's password reset flow. They discovered that the problem might relate to where the OOB code was appearing in their URL. By manipulating the URL and adjusting its parameters, they attempted different solutions to resolve the issue.

The participants used tools such as CyberChef and Zano to test their hypotheses. Eventually, they managed to solve the problem by creating a redirect in Zano, effectively turning Zano into a URL translator. This allowed them to place the OOB code in the right spot in the URL parameter so that the Firebase dynamic link could interpret it correctly. Key topics discussed: Firebase, Dynamic Links, URL parameters, Zano, OOB Code, URL encoding, CyberChef, password reset flow, HTTP headers. Anyone who is dealing with similar technical issues with Firebase, dynamic URLs, OOB code, or Zano could find this meeting useful. It provides step-by-step troubleshooting of an intricate problem and might offer insights to help handle analogous situations. Additionally, anyone planning to use Zano as a URL translator could derive value from watching this session.

(Source: Office Hours 10/5/2023 AM )

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