Solving Map Display Issues in Bubble Using Mapbox Plugin

The State Changers focused on troubleshooting issues experienced by one member who was attempting to use the Bubble platform with a Mapbox plugin. The initial problem was with maps failing to load, along with several error messages appearing in the developer console. Initially, the group thought these issues could be related to source maps, but later concluded the errors were simply warnings due to the non-availability of source maps, which was normal.

The main issue then centered on why a maps plugin was not displaying on the member's page. Through thorough probing, they managed to identify that the problem was related to layout responsiveness, more specifically, the map displaying a height of zero due to a lack of specified dimensions for the map element. The solution was to place the map inside another div and specify its size. They noted that possibly an update to Bubble's responsive engine might have precipitated the issue. The conclusion was that the event was not the problem, but rather how the canvas element expands to fill the size of the container it is in, which in this case was zero because no size had been specified.

(Source: Office Hours 9/6 )

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