Solving User Scheduling Conflicts with Decision-Making Algorithms and Display Modifications

This meeting transcript suggested a lively discussion among State Changers regarding how to handle the display and filtering of data within a scheduling project. The participants discussed user demands for a detailed schedule view, prioritization and decision-making processes for presenting a pre-selected set of classes, and the potential for AI to help in these areas.

Regarding the first challenge, the display of schedule, voices in the conversation leaned towards a simplified, non-proportional representation. The precise implementation was suggested to be tackled on the front end, using tools like 'Webflow'. In discussing the decision-making process for filtering and selecting classes, it was suggested that developing clear prioritization rules could be a unique value proposition. This job would be handled by automation done in 'Xano', as opposed to the front end. The idea of using AI for filtering and decision-making was introduced, with possibilities of using tools similar to 'Chat-GPT' from 'OpenAI'. The thought was to use AI models to recommend a curriculum based on constraints and preferences. The meeting concluded with a brief discussion on coding expressions meant to return a Boolean result based on array counts.

(Source: Office Hours 5/31 AM )

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