Strategies and Best Practices for User Onboarding in a Commerce-Based Environment

In the meeting, State Changers brainstormed on optimizing the onboarding process for commerce-based platforms. They explored different ways to balance user-friendly experience and security. One user brought up their experience with Postmark and suggested a discussion on what makes an effective onboarding sequence, considering multi-page or single-page processes.

Another participant, David, had opened a discussion on the forum asking for best practices for onboarding into a commerce-based environment. The aim was to get recommendations on what to check out and possibly incorporate into their process. Various participants enthusiastically stepped up to contribute their thoughts, which range from using multi-page forms to quick email verifications. One user named Anthony recommended an approach he used, inspired by a platform called Noodle. The method involves creating a table within their software that outlines the onboarding steps for users. However, he also acknowledged that some platforms choose to splash an entire page with text, images or videos. Another participant, Michael, made a case for attention to security measures and checking against spam, which led to a separate discussion on reducing the creation of spam accounts. His approach uses Cloudflare for visitor verification and checks against a list of disposable emails hosted on GitHub. Only after successful validation, a user is granted an authentication token to access other parts of the application. The link to this Github resource was shared with the participants. Amir, another participant, commented later due to health issues the previous week and expressed happiness to be back. The meeting concluded with State Changers sharing their insights and experiences to continue improving their platforms' user experience. Essential keywords from the meeting include "onboarding", "Postmark", "process", "Noodle", "verification", "Cloudflare", "Github", and "spam accounts".

(Source: Office Hours 6/19 )

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