Strategies for Avoiding Data Loss and Enhancing Database Recovery with Xano and Microsoft Structure

The key points from the meeting of the State Changers are as follows:

1. The meeting discussed an issue where one of the participants accidentally deleted some significant data fields from their database while using Xano. The participant realized that while the schema could be reverted, the lost data cannot be recovered. 2. The solution discussed was to implement a log or audit table to avoid such incidents in the future. The idea is to have the user's own backup in place instead of relying solely on the backups provided by the system (i.e., Xano). 3. For this purpose, it was suggested that the user could consider image backups, which capture the current state of all records at a given point in time. Image backups could be obtained by querying all the records in the table and exporting them to a CSV file or something similar. 4. Another point of discussion was about increasing the level of control and friction needed to change the structure of a database in no-code systems. 5. The conversation also touched upon versioning of the state change extension in order to provide added safeguards when making major changes like editing columns. 6. There was also a suggestion to use the Microsoft database, which is reputed for its robust backup recovery system, as an alternative to using Xano’s proprietary database. This would involve wrapping the database transactions from Microsoft with API calls, resulting in a structurally similar codebase, potentially with superior stability. 7. The potential downside of this alternative approach discussed was the speed of light problem, given the physical location of these servers globally. Therefore, the participant was advised to ensure that the Microsoft database chosen should ideally be in close proximity to the location of the Xano server. 8. The discussion also acknowledged the challenges of data recovery incidents, emphasizing the importance of handling such cases efficiently for customer satisfaction, and reassuring the participant that the situation was not uncommon.

(Source: Office Hours 10/9/2023 )

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