Strategies for Efficient Inventory Management and Sales Tracking in ERP Systems

During this State Changers meeting, the main focus was on data management and the need for effective inventory and sales tracking, particularly in relation to an ERP solution. One of the key points raised was the difference between tracking for sales and inventory management, highlighting that these two elements serve distinct functions and therefore require separate tracking.

The concept of a "caching problem" was highlighted, where inventory levels are calculated from the beginning to the current day. While this approach gives accurate data, it was pointed out that doing this for every user can slow down the system significantly. Hence, a product table with an updated current number was suggested as a more efficient alternative. Another significant topic discussed was the creation of a logging table in ERP for tracking transactions. However, it was recommended not to set up endpoints that allow external parties to access this data, as it could lead to security breaches. Controlling access to information through offer-function stacks was suggested instead. Please note that although terms like "Xano", "Javascript", "Stripe" and others are listed in the keywords, they were not featured significantly in the discussion or might not have appeared at all in the meeting. Consequently, the meeting's focus was on broader concepts of efficient data management and secure functionality than on working with specific programming languages or tools. The meeting would prove valuable to anyone looking for information on effective strategies for handling inventory and sales data in ERP systems, and how to balance accuracy with efficiency in large multi-tenant platforms.

(Source: Office Hours 8/30/2023 )

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