Strategies for Handling and Synchronizing Third-Party Source API Data with Xano and Airtable

This meeting among the State Changers focused heavily on the management of API data and relational database problems, more specifically dealing with many-to-many relationships. There was an in-depth explanation and discussion on how best to manage relationships between multiple tables, using the example of managing a pet-care provider system. In this case, humans (referred to as clients) and pets (referred to as patients) and their relationship data must be managed properly. The State Changers discussed using a relationship table to manage these many-to-many relationships.

The State Changers also talked about various strategies and tools to efficiently handle data synchronization and updates. Updates, inserts, and deletes were identified as the three types of changes to monitor, with different strategies suggested for each. Tools they mentioned included using servers like Redis or data management apps like Airtable, and for handling larger datasets, it was suggested that something like Google's BigQuery could be considered. Lastly, they mentioned about creating an operational process and then finding the best tool for that process. It was suggested to experiment with different approaches, to end up with a method that was intuitive for the user. Throughout the meeting, the State Changers particularly made use of platforms like Xano and Airtable for exemplification.

(Source: Office Hours 6/29 )

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