Strategies for Handling Line Changes and Promotional Betting in Xano and Flutterflow Integration

The State Changers primarily discussed handling adjustments to data on their betting app, for which they've established a test scenario. They focused on the behavior of line changes, which involves adjusting the odds for a particular event. The participants also discussed different ways to notify users about these changes, aiming at providing a fair and transparent user experience.

A significant part of the conversation revolved around the timing of notifications about line changes and how to prevent users from potentially making inadvertent bets. Comparisons were drawn to Amazon's approach of notifying users about price changes in their shopping cart. Additional considerations included how to handle promotional betting lines, such as extremely favorable lines intended to drive user activity. These promotional situations yield complex business logic, and the topic of discussion was whether to handle these cases using custom code in Dart or through direct adjustments on the front end. The meeting concluded with the decision that the back end should handle comprehensive validation to prevent any misuse, while the front end should cater to the most common user experience issues. From a business logic standpoint, it's crucial to have the back end as the source of truth for the state of data to minimize inconsistencies. The technologies mentioned in this meeting included Xano, Flutterflow, and Dart.

(Source: Office Hours 5/17 PM )

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