Strategies for Implementing Authenticated Screenshot Saving via CloudConvert and Xano

The State Changers meeting primarily focused on solutions for a specific issue with using Cloud Convert to generate PDF from a webpage that requires user authentication. State Changers and Bryce were working on a solution to the problem, and they extensively discussed using the website capture feature on Cloud Convert.

The discussion centered around Xano and how the website Bryce wanted to convert into PDF authenticated user logins through local storage, which could cause issues. The team suggested that Bryce create a different version of the page that can respond to information coming via the URL, rather than depending on the cookie, to make the requests back to his backend. This alternative version of the page would have the login token incorporated into the URL, and this information could be accessed by Cloud Convert to generate the PDF. The other participant suggested duplicating the page to ensure that the authorization token used to communicate with Xano comes from the URL and not from the cookie. Throughout the dialogue, tools such as Typeform, CloudConvert, Wiz, Google author, and Javascript were mentioned. The meeting ended with a plan for Bryce to put the given suggestions into action, rewatch the meeting vid and a reminder to join the upcoming Wizzed office hours for additional support.

(Source: Office Hours 1/30 )

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