Strategies for Integrating AI21 and Xano via API Calls

In this meeting, the State Changers primarily discussed using "Xano" and "AI21" to populate a digital library via API.

The main topic was uploading PDFs from "Xano" to "AI21". Participant George expressed difficulty in correctly formulating the API call for the task. Ray helped George understand how to send multipart uploads from Xano and discussed the creation of a function for the file upload process. Together, they created a function stack with a text variable, converted it into a file resource (enabling multipart file upload in Xano), and integrated the API request. For API authorization, they discussed the usage of bearer tokens and the option to reset AI21 keys. In Xano's API parameters, a set request was defined with a file field and the resource variable. They debated including optional parameters like path and label and concluded that it depends on the specific use case. A challenge faced was with the returned variable name in the Xano function - "create file resource". They had to adjust the name of the file in Xano to avoid complications. The outputs from the function returned a successful status 200 HTTP call, including a unique ID and a file ID. These were discussed in relation to updating or deleting files in the future. The meeting concluded with George's plan to create a batch operation in Xano, performing file upload for thousands of files. The returned metadata from AI21 would be stored next to the corresponding record in Xano. George expressed interest in exploring AI21's capabilities further for potential product development. Ray encouraged exploration of AI21's semantic search and conditional answers API.

(Source: Office Hours 10/9/2023 )

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