Strategies for Optimization of Workflow, Handling Rate Limits and Database Updates

This meeting was a problem-solving session among the State Changers regarding several challenges they were facing in their project. The discussion revolved around topics such as SendGrid email service, implementing APIs, and debugging the tool Xano.

Jim, a participant, shared that he was working on optimizing a project having trouble with running an API function via conditional loops in Xano. He needed help making an API call to SendGrid and addressing a problem where Xano did not save action changes. Another participant suggested introducing a guard-pattern-style return statement to end the API call once it finishes processing, primarily suggesting using a "background task" for monitoring and controlling time-dependent actions such as sending reminders. The next issue addressed revolved around improving the efficiency of an OpenAI function that was taking too much time due to rate limiting from OpenAI. One suggestion was to break the function into smaller parts and trigger the sub-processes one at a time, effectively reducing perceived wait times for clients. In summary, the meeting focused on solving specific technical challenges and improving efficiency using SendGrid, APIs, and OpenAI with Xano. They considered rate limiting issues, actions not being saved, and discussed better user time perception. They also brainstormed on the idea of dividing functions to get more value and decrease waiting times for clients.

(Source: Office Hours 11/23 )

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