Strategies for Optimizing Email HTML Templates and Hiring Digital Skills in the No-Code Era

The State Changers in the meeting discussed issues regarding the design and delivery of dynamic emails. The main obstacle was transmitting HTML into select sections of the email, such as headline value, intro copy value, etc. The participants explored the use of an outsourced no-code tool for email HTML generation but faced difficulties with coding errors and formatting.

The primary focus was on Postmark's mustache syntax, where it was recommended to transition from double curly braces to triple curly braces to effectively embed raw HTML into the emails instead of plain text. A concern was also raised about how HTML would handle special characters. Moreover, discussions about potential fixes led to considerations on expertise in decision-making & problem-solving. It was suggested that it might be more advantageous to have someone proficient in email HTML in-house. When considering outsourcing, it was highlighted that hiring should consider both trust and competency. However, challenges like invisible HTML, unclear span tags, and unexpected end tags skewed the discussion towards a more hands-on approach to understand and manage the integral parts of the setup. The author of the project is using Postmark and Xano, but there are issues with how HTML appears in the final output emails and how HTML is handled in general. Future watchers could be particularly interested if they work with email HTML and Postmark or if they want insights on decision-making when facing technical issues.

(Source: Office Hours 2/14 )

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