Strategies for Storing and Manipulating Balance Sheet Inputs and Data

The State Changers' meeting revolved around the discussion of creating a dynamic inputs page where the user would select from a pre-existing list of accounts and input those into their project to create a balance sheet, facilitating the process of projecting financial models. The State Changers were working on creating a beginning balance for these accounts and were deliberating the best way to store the data in a way that would avoid confusion.

Two prime ideas were discussed, whether to store raw information, giving more options for later use, or to store more processed information as per a supply chain where performance could be impacted. The bias of the discussions leaned towards storing raw data. The suggestion revolved around storing accounts and necessary information for the definition of the model. Input from the user is necessary to decide how these accounts or "keys" will be manipulated. The State Changers also hit upon the point that these input accounts should be stored at the beginning of the process. By comparing the initially selected accounts with the final outcome, one would have a clear path to trace back in case things go off the rails. The meeting concluded with an understanding that storing intermediate data would be for convenience, performance, or auditing.

(Source: Office Hours 10/9/2023 )

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